Mama Mia … empanadas, churros, & much more

I was driving when I seen a gigantic sign for FRESH CHURROS!!! I haven’t had those since last summer at Harbourfront, there’s always this little vendor that sells them fresh, it was the first time I ever had it and I just fell in love. It’s basically just fried dough filled my favourite Dulce De Leche, or nutella, or you can just have it plain sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon. I had to get me some fresh churros!! Followed the sign and ended up at a place called Mamma Mia.

I obviously ordered churros (4 by the way – 2 already got eaten by the time i decided to take a photo), spinach & cheese empanadas and an Argentino sandwich. Everything was delicious, especially the Argentino sandwich – skirt steak, egg, cheese, ham, lettuce and tomatoes. The empanadas were amazing, their homemade salsa definitely compliments it. Last but not least, the churros filled with dulce de leche. I made sure to eat the churros first because they are best eaten fresh out of the frier. I’ve also tried their iced cappuccino and it is fantastic!!

I’ve been somewhat obssessed with this place as I find myself here once a week :S

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