Prairie Girl Cupcakes

Being fairly new in the Financial District, finding good food was my #1 priority. Wasn’t impressed with the selection of food in RBC, Commerce Court or First Canadian Place. It’s the same food chain restaurants that you see everywhere, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like the prices are more expensive … LOL!! Anyway, I was walking around First Canadian place where I see what looks like a mile long line up, as I walked further it was a line up to PRAIRIE GIRL CUPCAKES.

Who on earth would waste half their lunch for cupcakes??

I was passing by Prairie Girl one day and noticed that the line wasn’t too bad, I decided as you can see above picked up 1/2 a dozen cupcakes. I couldn’t wait to get home to eat it, just had to have one once I arrived back at the office. I obviously had the red velvet of course and I can see why ladies line up for these cupcakes!! It’s moist and the cream cheese icing was to die for. I’ve also tried the banana carrot & cream cheese icing, chocolate & strawberry icing and chocolate & vanilla bean icing. Out of all the cupcakes I’ve tasted, the chocolate with vanilla bean icing is the best. The only complaint I have is that there is WAY TOO much icing, I have to take off practically half of the icing just so I can truly enjoy it.

The best cupcake I’ve had so far … is DLish on Queen St. W. Their cupcakes are a little smaller than Prairie Girl and definitely less icing and not too sweet. I highly recommend this place & no crazy line ups!!

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