Caramel Macchiato

Espresso Machine – Check
Espresso Beans – Check
Milk – Check
Vanilla Syrup – Check
Caramel – Check

And that’s all I need to make my favourite drink … Caramel Macchiato … hot and iced!! Espresso machine ain’t cheap … but my boss decided to treat us and bought an espresso machine for the office!! As I sip on a hot caramel macchiato (since mother nature decided to make us freeze AGAIN … when yesterday was a blistering +29 degrees … a hot caramel macchiato was indeed the perfect choice) while writing this blog … I think to myself: damn I make one hell of a caramel macchiato!! Yes I am saving money from purchasing one from an actual Starbucks (that’s $5/day x 5 days – $25/week – $100/month – $1200/year!!), all the free caramel macchiatos I want (having at almost 3 a day – 5 days a week!!) … but will my waist agree – we will see!!

Thank you STARBUCKS for your beans, vanilla syrup and caramel!!!

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