Skinny belts & more arm swag

The Bay had a sale on their accessories this past weekend … 30% off regular and sale items. Don’t worry ladies & gents, The Bay is always on sale every weekend. Picked up 2 bracelets: 1- a white & gold spiked bracelet(more like mini pyramids) for $9, 2- a brown leather bracelet with gold nuts for $12. Thought the bracelets would compliment my Michael Kors watch very well.
The Bay always has an amazing accessory selection, it is a little pricey though that’s why I always wait for their sales (which is practically every weekend). The Bay is actually on their famous BAY DAYS event …so check them out.


I just picked up that wonderful belt from Banana Republic that you see above and YES I bought it specifically to match the white horn on my watch. I’m a big fan of belts, especially skinny ones!! I don’t know what it is about them, but I feel like they add that extra spark to your outfit. I’m not really into thick belts – high waisted, hip or wherever … I find it really uncomfortable, especially when worn high waisted … when you eat like me it could be a challenge at the end of your meal.

3 thoughts on “Skinny belts & more arm swag”

  1. I actually find myself enjoying these blogs. Its like a modern day gossip girl via facebook. I think the satire outfits ur blogs most favorably. I think you have an eye for beauty and style. I myself have a passion for the unsual as well as tasteful classics. Although I cannot explore the luxury of fine dining on the whim I am entertained in terms of the literature and perhaps intrigued by first persons opinons. Its a modern day page out of a fashion forward almost reality-fb written article. ❤ It considering after three kids picking up a magazine is wishful thinking but with a fb app and easy newsfeed link its perfect! Keep it up! – I also noticed that u had no comments just ~likes …. Haters that's all I gotta say lol …: }

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