Aren’t we suppose to be in Spring?

Within the past month or so, I have gone from wearing a down jacket, to a spring jacket to short skirts & flip flops to no jacket at all and back to a down jacket!! I’m glad that I didn’t send my jacket to the dry cleaners yet, you never know with this Canadian weather!! In less than a month we practically went through all 4 seasons. I should’ve waited on switching my winter tires to summer.

Since Mother Nature decided to grace us with Fall/Winter like temperatures, I might as well dress for it. I had forgotten about this blazer, I purposely bought it (2 years ago – worn once) for the detail at the back. I wanted to rock my new/old James Jeans corduroys that’s been sitting in my closet for quite some time now and thought the blazer would be perfect for it.

Plaid brown blazer – Costa Blanca (at least one piece in every outfit I wear is Costa Blanca, I worked for the company for almost 10 years, so you can only imagine what I have accumulated because of a very generous discount)

Navy blue spaghetti tank – Zara (currently in store & for $12.50!!! I bought practically every colour, I even bought 2 in some colors, it’s the perfect layering piece)

Cords – James Jean (Twiggy corduroy in Caramel) – Was browsing for James Jeans and stumbled on Amazon on sale for $30!!

Feather Necklace – Aldo (2 for 1 – Cost me $9.95 for 2 … I gave one to my BFF)

Mustard pashmina – NOT SHOWN – Bijoux Terner $10.00 from Duty Free

Belt & Shoes – Shown in a previous blog (scroll down). You will see them repeatedly in my outfits as they are my favourite pieces at the moment.

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