Lee Restaurant

I’m not a food expert, however I love food and love to eat it. I went to Lee Restaurant in February for a birthday celebration as requested by the celebrant and have been meaning to blog about it. The waitress that was serving us was extremely helpful, she pretty much told us what the ingredients were for each dish. There’s this one dish – The Singaporean Slaw (I highly recommend it!!) that had 20 ingredients, the waitress named them all … I think. She lost me after she named the 4th ingredient, I pretty much tuned her out thinking: when will she finish explaining the dish so I can eat the damn thing!! . What a tease to bring out your food and not be able to dive into it … I guess I’m just a fatty… Lol!!!

Sursur Lee did an amazing job with with the creation of his menu. I definitely enjoyed every dish and worth every penny spent. It wasn’t cheap, the above dishes roughly costed around $200 and good enough to feed 2 hungry people.

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