Is spring finally here?!?

I got excited with the temperature hitting a mild 18-20+ degrees. I couldn’t wait to start wearing skirts and show some leg!! Got my inspiration for this outfit from an awesome post from She Got Style about pairing sweaters with skirts and dresses.

I’ve had this printed skirt sitting in my closet for years, I would have to say at least 8 maybe even 10 (probably only worn twice). Purchased it from Club Monaco on sale for a whopping $49 – 100% silk. When Club Monaco goes on sale, they go on SALE!! I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything regular price from this store, I usually just head straight to the back to their sale section. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel the designs in Club Monaco were way better 8-10 years ago. Their stuff is still amazing and timeless, it just doesn’t have that POW it use to. I still go in there and walk out feeling like I want to buy out the whole store, but that’s the feeling I get when I walk into every store. I’ve found that Sherway and Promenade carry the best SALE merchandise, bigger volume malls like Square One or Yorkdale are very limited due to the higher traffic.

As promised, here is the $5 brown leather with silver buckle bracelet and the pewter spiked bracelet I mentioned in my Spikes & Studs post.


Brown leather vest – Mango $110 (looks like it’s a teeny tiny bit small for me, it is!! 2 sizes too small that is, I can’t even zip it up anymore, that’s when I was an XXS – purchased this when Mango first launched in Toronto)

Beige knit sweater – Jacob $34.99 (currently in stores)

Turquoise tank – Banana Factory Outlet $12.50 (purchased on their additional 50% off event)

Printed Skirt – Club Monaco ($49)

Brown leather with silver buckle bracelet & pewter spiked bracelet – BitterSweet

Animal print bracelet – H&M $12.95

Shoes – Townshoes ($69 – purchased 6-8 years ago. Use to be my favorite pair, until someone spilled a couple of drops of RED wine on them!! Still don’t know who the culprit was, no one was brave enough to come forward because they knew the wrath of Chiara would be unleashed. One shoe is a little discolored from trying to remove the stain. Ever since that incident, I didn’t feel quite the same about them anymore and had no other choice but to moved on.)

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