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Avengers & Mamma Martinos

I finally watched Avengers, yaay!! Purchased my tickets online for the 8:10 show at the Cineplex Odeon theatres on Queensway. I wanted to wait at least 3 weeks after the opening to go watch it because I can’t stand a packed theatre and having to be there at least 45 minutes before to get a decent seat. I couldn’t wait the 3 weeks and had to watch it last night.

image courtesy of: Marvel

Before going to the movies, I went to Mamma Martinos for dinner. If you want cheap homemade italian cooking, this is definitely the place to go!! Everything is made fresh and delicious!! I started with the Chef’s salad (I would just come here for the salad itself) and a seafood linguine for my main. I wish I took pictures so I could’ve posted it, it was only after I devoured my food when the thought crossed my mind.

Now let’s talk Avengers, I loved it!! Got to the theatres about 45 minutes before the movie and was the first one in line to get into the theatre – first pick for seating, yeah yeah!! Was surprised that the theatre was filled because it was a Thursday. Definitely had it’s funny moments, wasn’t too fond of the Black Widow, Captain America and the bow & arrow dude (he wanted to shoot Thor with his cheesy arrow – from the Thor movie, RE: that moment when he was human and wanted to take his hammer from the ground) … felt that they were kinda useless. I don’t know their actual character from the comic books, so I am basing my opinion purely from the movie. I don’t want to say too much about the movie, just in case for those reading that haven’t seen it yet. The story line kinda sucked, but the action and effects made up for it. I HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie on the big screen, I mean come on … isn’t $12.99 worth to see Chris Hemsworth as Thor again?!? (Don’t know about that Cabin movie he’s in though!!) I’d have to say that THOR is the ultimate hero – definitely the strongest one out of the Avengers!!! Now when is Thor 2 coming out?? Loved Thor btw (can you tell?), seen it twice in the theatre, 5 times on blue ray … come to think of it … it’s been a while … think I might watch it again tonight.

1 thought on “Avengers & Mamma Martinos”

  1. I’m not a comic book purist. So when taking in a Marvel comic movie, or even DC. I go for the action. The plots are all the same, bad guy wants to rule the world, good guy comes and saves it. What I watch it for, it’s for the action. I love it.

    I still liked Hulk cz he punched Thor randomly haha in the scene they were fighting together.

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