Casual Fridays

I look forward to Fridays even more now, not just because the weekend is around the corner but also for CASUAL FRIDAYS!! My job is located in the Financial district, so therefore business attire is mandatory from Monday to Thursday. It’s still a little difficult for me trying to put an outfit together that is appropriate for my role. I was in retail for most of my professional career, where we are able to wear what we please. So it was jeans, shorts, minis, rompers, tees, tube tops etc. for 12-15 years, imagine what my closet looks like!! Let me rephrase, imagine what my bedroom looks like – I’ve been told that I don’t have a bedroom but a closet with a bed in the middle of it.

I always thought business attire was so boring, boy was I around the wrong people and in the wrong environment. After my first week in the Financial district, I’ve seen all sorts of styles and was definitely impressed and inspired. I LOVE IT HERE!! The question that pops up in my head when I get ready in the morning is “How can I make this fun but office appropriate?” and all sorts of ideas are running through my head – what people were wearing at work, downtown, facebook friends, fellow bloggers … just way too many to list. Definitely take advantage of your surroundings.

This week’s CASUAL FRIDAY outfit consists of Willow & Clay, Costa Blanca, Club Monaco and Aldo. It was a toughy because I knew Friday was going to be a gorgeous day – short shorts and mini skirts were definitely a no no!! So I dug (literally) through my closet to see what I can find and found the longest pair of shorts I have that I purchased from Club Monaco several years ago for about $29. I can’t even classify these as shorts, I feel like they’re bermudas. I remember buying them just because they were on sale, wore them once and never saw them again until today. So ladies, buying stuff just because they’re on sale pays off !! Don’t listen to your significant other, mother, sister, brother … or whoever because when you have that urge to buy something it’s meant to be (make sure there’s a return policy…lol … you know just in case you change your mind. I’m sure all of us have been in a situation where you resisted on purchasing something but can’t stop thinking about it & go back the next day to buy and it’s gone).

Dijon Blazer – Willow & Clay (Beyond The Rack)

Teal chiffon tank – Costa Blanca $22.50 (currently in store).
I love the detailing of this top, especially the button at the back.

Shorts – Club Monaco $29

Suede boots – Aldo $60 (one of my favorite boots, this is actually my second pair and specifically only meant to be worn with shorts, skirts, minis etc … as long nothing is tucked in the boot)

Belt – This belt was free, it came with the blue pair of ankle pants I purchased from TopShop as seen HERE

3 thoughts on “Casual Fridays”

  1. Beautiful outfit, U need to stand out when u work in the FD. What i love must is that u put ur outfits together n it’s done in a reasonable price range. Well done.

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