I heart dresses!!!

With the temperature on the rise here in TDOT, you’ll be seeing a lot of posts on dresses. I love dresses, I’m not sure why … maybe because they’re so pretty, makes me feel like all giddy and most importantly it’s so easy to wear. Pair it with a sweater, cardigan or blazer and you’re good to go.


Navy blue linen blazer: Costa Blanca $39.50 (currently in store)

Printed cowl camel dress: Costa Blanca $35.50 (currently in store – can also be found as a top)

Shoes: Zara $59.90 (currently in store – comes in 3 other color combos: blue/turquoise, pink/purple & solid black).
I wore these shoes all day and they were pretty comfortable, that’s if you work in an office. Walking around in these at First Canadian Place was a little difficult, it could be because they are a little high and my feet are pretty much flat (aka dinosaur feet as my sister calls it).

Bag: Aldo $39.99 (3-4 years old)

Lace trim cami: La Senza (purchased as a set with shorts for $14.99)
I know it’s hardly noticeable, but I am wearing a lace trim cami underneath due to the cowl of the dress being low.

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