Goodbye yellow pumps, hello wedges

It’s not a goodbye, but a see you later … we could’ve been so good together!!! All the skirts, shorts, dresses … the possibilities were endless!!! So I ended up exchanging the mustard pumps from Aldo. It was a difficult decision, but I had to reason with myself. Is it worth it to keep the shoes just because of the amazing color and have to put up with yellow stained feet?? I don’t think so!!! Probably after 3-5 wears, they’ll just end up in a box never to be seen again and you’ll see me in a corner kicking myself for not doing anything about it. At least I got a photo in them, just in case you guys forgot which pair of shoes I was talking about here they are:

I decided with the wedges below. The material of shoe is fabric, leather and synthetic. They were actually my first choice before I laid my eyes on the mustard pumps. Never mess with your first pick, it’ll save you the hassle!!! It’s like when you’re trying to find that perfect outfit, you tear your room apart, try hundreds of outfits on and end up going with the first outfit you tried on. Been there, done that and still continue to do so … I will never learn. Back to the shoes … the inside lining of the shoe is leather so it’s breathable. My feet tend to sweat (yeah I know … TMI), so it’s mandatory for me to ONLY buy shoes that are lined with leather. I should do a post on shoe care, if you maintain your shoes (cleaning & protecting) they’ll last you a very long time) Back to the shoes … again … I’m not really a fan of wedges because I can’t walk properly in them. Why am I gonna buy shoes that I can’t walk in? I see ridiculously high platform shoes on some brave ladies downtown during RUSH HOUR and shake my head every time as they wobble on by. I guess practice makes perfect, how else are you gonna learn how to walk in them if you don’t wear them? (personally, I’d wear them around the office where walking is very limited) These wedges fit my feet perfectly and feel quite comfortable. Can’t wait to wear them!! It’s going to be a beautiful May 2-4 weekend and I will definitely use protective spray on these puppies before they make their debut.

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