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2012 Victoria Day Weekend

I apologize for the lack of posts. Now that the weather is somewhat consistent, it’s getting tougher to blog … I love the hot weather and I’m hardly home this time of the year. I can actually post through my phone, but I just bought a camera and need to get full use out of it and I also love to edit/photoshop the photos. I just can’t snap a photo, upload and blog … it needs to look PRETTY!!! So I hope for those reading like the layout of my blog site. So please bare with me, it takes me some time to put each post together.

It was a busy weekend and therefore, you guys deserve an extra long post!! Mother Nature was gracious enough to give us such beautiful weather for our first long weekend for the Summer. Here’s what went down for 2012 Victoria Day weekend:

Friday May 18:
A BBQ was planned for Saturday, so with help from a great friend, we spent Friday shopping for food & drinks. Got the meat ready (short ribs & pork belly) in my mom’s special sauce so it would marinate for at least 24 hours. Also marinated some veggies (portebello mushroom & 3 different kinds of zucchinis) in balsamic vinegar.

Saturday May 18 – BBQ
I started the day early, there were last minute trips to the grocery and liquor store. Food still had to be prepped, our contribution to the BBQ were: alcohol (my new specialty – white wine sangria … yummmm!!!), short ribs, pork belly, potato salad, tomato/cucumber/greens salad, and corn with herbed butter and there was plenty more to come. It definitely was a feast, I would say probably enough to feed 100 people … yes I’m exaggerating … ok, ok, maybe 50 people. So added to that list of food (courtesy of friends – YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!)was:

  • 2 whole chickens (jerk – was roasting in the oven and then placed on the grill to give it that extra pow)
  • chicken shish kabob
  • shrimps
  • chicken fried rice
  • more short ribs
  • chips & dip
  • cheesecake
  • ceviche
  • I feel like I’m forgetting a dish. There were probably about 20 people at the BBQ, there was so much food that the fridge was overflowing and thought we would have to continue the BBQ the next day … boy was I wrong … everything got demolished except for the rice and believe it or not a few cases of beer. It was a great BBQ with friends and to top the night off … we had a bonfire and FIREWORKS!!

    Sunday May 18 – Shopping & More eating
    This was my favourite day of the weekend, why you ask? Eating and more importantly shopping!!! Had brunch at O&B Canteen. The food was awesome, I had the waffles of course and a cantaloupe lemonade. I got to sample the omlette of the day(pictured below) and that was fantastic – kinda wished I went with that instead, but my sweet tooth got the best of me.

    Yes I paid $6.95 for that cup of cantaloupe lemonade – totally overpriced, could’ve gotten myself an alcoholic drink for that price. Considering that it was 10am, didn’t think the alcoholic drink would’ve been a good idea.

    Did some shopping on Bay & Bloor, mostly window shopping since most of the stores I liked were WAY out of my price range. Shortly after that, I headed to Yonge & Eglinton – did lots of walking and was definitely hungry again. Felt like for something light and not so meaty, considering the meat intake from the BBQ. I stumbled upon Grazie Restaurant – Italian obviously. Kept it nice and simple with a salad and a margherita pizza. Food was delicious, everything to me is delicious – I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant and not enjoyed the food.

    Why the sad face? It was my last shopping trip to Gap & Banana Republic with “hook ups”. It was definitely a sad moment, I hardly ever walked into these stores just because of the price point. Gap has an awesome line this year, I’ve noticed that they have nicer stuff at this time of the year than Banana but at Fall, it’s reversed. What’s in the bags? You’ll have to stay tuned …

    Blue printed shorts: Gap – $49.95 on sale right now for $29.95

    Green pintuck cami: Costa Blanca – $22.50

    Calf hair leather belt: Club Monaco – $29.95 + 30% off (my deal of the day)

    White Sandals: Browns – $50

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