Casual Fridays – Friday May 25, 2012 Edition

It’s Friday!!! Well actually Saturday by the time this post is uploaded. I’m gonna try and post all my Casual Friday outfits … it’s really the only day when I dress and feel like me. As I mentioned in my previous post about the yellow suede pumps getting replaced – here are the wedges making their debut!

The shoes were actually pretty comfortable considering it was the first time wearing them. I had no problem with the commute to work, I was feeling fantastic – I thought “Wow, these shoes are amazing – I can walk in these all day!!”. Boy was I ever wrong, by early afternoon I wanted to die!! I did walk quite a bit, so that may be because of that – regardless of the pain I love the look of these shoes and hopefully I get to break them in without my feet going through torture.

I had some errands to do for the office, so I decided to walk outside and enjoy the weather instead of my usual route using The Path. I walked passed this pretty lady and she gave me a look – a double look actually and says to me “I love your outfit, you look great!!”. I gave her the biggest smile and responded “Thanks, the shoes are a little painful though!”. I thought, wow the ladies here in the Financial District are so nice – I LOVE IT HERE!!


Printed shorts – Costa Blanca $19.50 (Yes $19.50 ladies!! They came in 2 other prints, I was actually debating whether I should pick up another pair. It’s great to wear on Fridays because of the length, it’s not too short and find it appropriate for the office)

Beige Blazer – H&M $59.50 (love this blazer – thought it was a little pricey, it was definitely the best investment)

White Tank – Banana Republic $25 (I actually paid 1/2 price – no way am I gonna spend $25 on a basic tank top!)

Cognac leather belt – H&M $12.95

Wedge Shoes & Bag – Aldo (Shoes – $90, bag – $39.99)

3 thoughts on “Casual Fridays – Friday May 25, 2012 Edition”

  1. Very cute outfit. I would def. give u a double look. love how u put ur outfit together at a decent price point

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