DealS of the week: Nine West & Current/Elliott Jeans

I didn’t want to post my dealS of the week as I know I’ll be in trouble once this is posted. I have a bit of a spending problem, but I’m definitely a bargain shopper!!! I’ve been on the hunt to replace my white sandals and haven’t really seen any that I liked. During lunch at the beginning of the week, I decided to stop by Nine West and check out their sale stuff. I found the sandal below on sale for $89.99, not the price I was willing to spend. Maybe I should try it on … see how the fit is and probably won’t fit my feet right, well I was wrong – it was made for me!! Decisions, Decisons … what to do?!? Well you should be proud of me, I walked away and never looked back (doesn’t mean that they weren’t on my mind since then). It was Friday and thought to browse their website and maybe they’ll be cheaper like my experience with the sandals from Aldo and GUESS WHAT?!? The sandals went down from $89.99 to $62.99 from the regular price of $120!! So after work I ran to the nearest Nine West and they were actually priced the same. Nine West is currently on a promotion of Extra 30% off all sandals, which works out the same as the online price. They have a lot of great shoes on sale, don’t know how long this sale will last so check it out!!

Nine West – WeWantIt leather sandal

I was on the hunt (yeah another hunt … always on a hunt for a bargain) for a similar pair of jeans below, the dots are a little bigger and brighter. I gave up on the hunt because nowhere in Canada had them and found them online from Barney’s for $225 and was actually thinking of buying them for the price of about $300 and I wasn’t willing to shell out that cash for a pair of jeans. $225 was already pushing it for me as I never have in my life bought a pair of jeans over $100!! I seen the polka dot jeans on a post by blogger Song of Style on her May 1st post and I just fell in love with the jeans not her … lol.

I had to go to The Bay (Queen St) for an errand, I browsed quickly through their designer section on the third floor. It was like me 5 years old again in a candy store, their Top Shop section isn’t that great compared to the one at Yorkdale but other than that I had a field day. I asked a sales associate if they carried Current/Elliott jeans and directed me to a section that had pink cubbies/shelving and found the similar jeans I have been searching for on sale for $150!! Most of the printed Current/Elliott jeans are on sale, the fit is great – check them out before they’re gone!! I apologize for not being able to take photos or remember the other prints on sale, but the below photos are the ones I can recall.

Current/Elliott Stiletto Jean in Polka Dot Haystack (the pair I bought)

Current/Elliott Stiletto Jean in Floral Haystack

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