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Irie Music Festival

It’s been a while since I posted, it’s finally summer and definitely taking advantage of it!!! Been out and about, Grand Bend Beach, tennis, swimming and lots of BBQ’s. I HEART summer!!! The TD Irie Music Festival was this weekend at Square One Celebration Square. Saturday night featured Wayne Wonder which I missed because someone didn’t wake me up from my nap (*angry face). I was definitely not gonna miss Sunday’s performance by Bunji Garlin. The weather was not by our side, thought the rain had passed, but as soon as I got to Celebration Square more rain came totally pouring and delayed Bunji’s performance. By the time he got on stage it was about 6:30pm he only had until 7:00pm, Bunji’s performance was great … definitely a tough crowd to get hyped up. Biggest surprise was … got his wifey Fay-Ann Lyons on stage, but time was very limited … she sang maybe 5 lines and had to end the show at 7:10. You think with the rain, they coulda at least been a little lenient with the bloody time.

Thought I’d dress accordingly for the occasion, the colors of my dress definitely suited the event don’t cha think??



Denim Jacket ($39.50) & Printed dress ($39.50) – Costa Blanca

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