Casual Friday – Friday August 17, 2012 Edition

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted!! Sorry guys!! Can’t believe Canada Day and Civic Holiday has passed and Labour or Labor Day (ya know what I mean!!) is just around the corner!!! Booohoooo!!! Well I’ve been out and about enjoying the weather … beach trips, BBQ’s, swimming, tennis and little partying here and there!!! I can’t even count how many heat waves Toronto’s had, but I definitely wish we were on that wave still. Can’t believe how drastically the temperature has dropped 😦 That hasn’t stopped me from wearing dresses, especially maxis!!! This is definitely my dress of the summer, I love the fit and in love with the colour combo. Loved it so much that I want to buy it another colour … nearly died when all was left was the yellow & white combo in XL, and found the colour I bought in my size at half the price with an addition 30% off … yeah FML. What surprised me most was that buying it didn’t cross my mind … as I type this post … come to think of it … why didn’t I buy it?!?! You know as a back up when the first one falls apart. What was I thinking?!?



Denim Jacket – Costa Blanca (I know what you’re thinking “there’s that denim jacket again!”

Chevron Maxi Dress – Gap $79.95 currently down to about $39.95 + 30% off

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