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Winterlicious 2013 – Canoe (lunch)

Well it’s that time of year … my favourite time of year … WINTERLICIOUS!!! 3 course meals starting at about $15-25 for lunch and $30-$45 for dinner. I was determined to dine at Canoe as it always receives the best reviews and ranked #1 for Winterlicious. Restaurants were to start taking reservations for Winterlicious on January 10, but if you are an AMEX card holder, you had the advantage of calling in on January 8 or 9. Didn’t have an Amex … so I had to wait ’til January 10 to call in … set my alarm 5 mins before 9:00am so I could call and make resos. Getting through was not easy!! Thought 9am was the start time but it was 10am, so I called ByMark instead … got through with reservations for next Saturday night … Can’t wait!! Back to Canoe again … I felt like I was calling into a radio station … busy … busy … busy … for at least a half hour!! I was getting so irritated! I was ready to give up … put the phone down for a few minutes … I’M NOT GIVING UP … I NEED TO EAT HERE (I’m such a fatty)!!! Called Canoe again … busy again … and finally after 15 minutes I get through only to have to wait … after all that ringing, I have to stay on the line to keep my place … all of a sudden it went from calling into a radio station to Roger’s (you know how irritating that can be!!). I did manage to get reservations for February 3 dinner, had no idea it was Super Bowl that weekend (like that really matters to me) & that date didn’t work for some of the people I was going with. Canoe had originally had their restaurant closed for a private event on Saturday January 26, but were taking lunch & dinner reservations. I scooped up the last lunch reservation for that day. Check out their lunch menu:

Winter Green Salad
Charred Pear, Aged Cheddar & Caramelized Onion Vinaigrette
Roasted Squash & Parsnip Soup
Birch Yoghurt & Spiced Croutons
Sheep’s Milk Quark
Baby Greens, Beet Reduction & Crisps


Maple Braised Willowgrove Pork
Orecchiette, Crackling, Kale & Thunder Oak Gouda
Slow Cooked Ontario Brisket
Steel Cut Oats, Red Wine Cabbage & Cedar Pickled Mustard Seeds
Smoked Pan Seared Heritage Salmon
Wilted Greens, Horseradish Slaw, Wild Rice & Swede Broth


Maple Gingerbread Pudding
Cranberry Preserve & Scorched Citrus Crème Anglaise
Spiced Chocolate Panna Cotta
Marshmallow Graham Cracker Crumb
Almond Cake
Niagara Apple Compote & Salted Caramel Sauce

I totally got sold on the description of this dessert … spiced, chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow … made me think of S’mores … mmmm … Prairie Girl … S’more cupcakes… I have a problem … that damn sweet tooth of mine will be the death of me!!

That was a delicious meal, definitely worth $25!! I will eat here again, that’s for sure … next year!! I will make sure to get my credit in check so I can get approved for an AMEX in order to get early bird reservations for Winterlicious. I’m joking, I wouldn’t do that … I’m not that crazy … actually … yes … it’s a Chiara thing to do … when it comes to food … drastic measures must be made!!



Grey Chiffon Top: Winners ($19.99)

Jeans: James Jeans (Twiggy Jeans – Night Shade) purchased at Winners ($99)
My absolute favourite jeans, bought the same exact pair from Beyond The Rack for when the first pair dies.

Rabbit Fur Vest: Costa Blanca

Necklace: Banana Republic

Boots (for sale): Zara
I wore a similar looking boots to these. I obviously didn’t wear these today as you can see the tags are still on and that would be just so wrong!! LOL!!! For any takers out there. These are about 3-4 years old … Size 38. Paid as per tag … will take best offer for these boots. Email or message me on Facebook if interested. Pick up locations: Toronto (Financial District) or Mississauga (Square One or Erin Mills area).

Arm Swag: Michael Kors Watch, Orange Bow & Gold Spiked Bracelet (Obsessions – TD Center).

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