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Rudsak Sample Sale 2013

Who sacrifices their lunch hour to cab it from Yonge & Bloor to get to Front & Bathurst for a sample sale?!? That would be moi. I have been in search in one of those fur hooded jackets that I see all the ladies rocking and was prepared to spend the hefty price tag … no not really … who am I kidding … my husband would leave me and my family would disown me. The jacket I had my eye on retails for about $1195 … but isn’t she a beaut?? Meet Shauna, she also has a twin who’s in all black.


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I don’t know why I decided to Google Rudsak this morning … something just told me to … next thing I know an ad for a Sample Sale was listed in the Google search and click … there it was … starting Thursday November 21 until Sunday November 24 … I was like OMG that’s today! I have to go right now … no I can’t … DARN IT … I do have a job and have to go there first and it is only 8am … sale starts at 10am. Took an extremely early lunch to beat the lunch rush that would make my journey complicated. To my surprise there was no line up, the sample sale in Montreal apparently had a 30 minute wait to get in. I got in there and it was comfortable to walk around in. They had racks upon racks full of jackets, it was easy to find your size, every rack was labelled by size so you know where to look. They had quite the selection of coats, I was disappointed to learn that it was not their high end line … but RUD styled by RUDSAK … didn’t even know that existed. Maybe they did have some coats by their regular Rudsak line, I may have missed it … but all the coats I looked at were all by RUD. Thank you Rudsak for RUD making it somewhat affordable and definitely fashionable for the gals who can’t spend that hefty price tag.

Browsed for a bit and seen this lady wearing my Shauna … OMG … she’s even prettier in person … her fur was so fluffy … so full … so full of life and quickly asked the lady, where I can find the coat. My heart was racing … How did I miss this jacket, OMG … is it already sold out?!? Her response shattered my heart into a million pieces “Oh, this is from the regular store”. Well that totally sucked. I did find a jacket that I really liked … I couldn’t decide on a colour and a really nice lady saw me going back and forth between 2 colours … she helped me out with deciding on a colour … she tells me that the prices were extremely high compared to last year. She mentioned the coats were starting at $175 and how she bought 2!! OMG!! Wish I was aware of this sample sale!!

This is the jacket I ended up with … definitely cheaper … wwaaayyyy cheaper than my first love Shauna. It also comes in army green and black, I settled with the sand … thought it suited me best. Sale price: $250 Retail: $600 (If you pay cash you get 5% off).

(I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, the hubby was on his way out for his soccer game and didn’t give me his full attention)


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