Who is She?

..: Bio :.. 

Chiara J Plamenco was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Toronto at the age of 6.  At a very young age she found her passion for fashion from the many shopping trips to the mall with her younger brother, older sister and parents almost every weekend.

With media and technology on the rise, Chiara J Plamenco became quickly fascinated by the idea of being able to take an idea and see it on screen.  She was intrigued with coding and signed up for her first page on Asian Avenue.  The site gave you the option of using HTML to alter your page and from there she was hooked.  She wanted a page that was different from everyone else and screamed “That is so Chiara”.

At the age of 16 she got her first job working as a Sales Associate for Jacob Jr.  She loved the idea of putting together outfits together and helping mothers and fathers find the perfect outfit for their daughter(s).  After a few years, she knew it was time to move on to a different clientele and to a more fashion forward company.  She was hired as an Assistant Manager for Costa Blanca and was soon promoted to Corporate Office as a Graphic Designer.  She got the best of both worlds: fashion & graphics.

..: What Inspires Her :..

Everything that surrounds Chiara is her inspiration, the very people that pass her on the street, the mannequins on display in a store when she’s on one her many shopping trips and of course celebrities.  She takes what she sees and transforms to make it her style.

..: Where is She Now? :..

Chiara is currently at CBRE Commercial Real Estate and has quickly become a top creative design specialist within CBRE.  With her graphic design and creative expertise, she is responsible in the creation of her Team’s top quality marketing and presentation materials, which include designing brochures, email campaigns, postcards, and develops packages regarding property data, which contain material specifically tailored to each client.

..: What She Does in Her Spare Time :..

She loves to spend time with family, binge watch on Netflix, shop at Homesense and when the weather is great, she likes to play tennis, go swimming, host bbq’s and hang out with friends.

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