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Avengers & Mamma Martinos

I finally watched Avengers, yaay!! Purchased my tickets online for the 8:10 show at the Cineplex Odeon theatres on Queensway. I wanted to wait at least 3 weeks after the opening to go watch it because I can't stand a packed theatre and having to be there at least 45 minutes before to get a… Continue reading Avengers & Mamma Martinos


I heart dresses!!!

With the temperature on the rise here in TDOT, you'll be seeing a lot of posts on dresses. I love dresses, I'm not sure why ... maybe because they're so pretty, makes me feel like all giddy and most importantly it's so easy to wear. Pair it with a sweater, cardigan or blazer and you're… Continue reading I heart dresses!!!


Is spring finally here?!?

I got excited with the temperature hitting a mild 18-20+ degrees. I couldn't wait to start wearing skirts and show some leg!! Got my inspiration for this outfit from an awesome post from She Got Style about pairing sweaters with skirts and dresses. I've had this printed skirt sitting in my closet for years, I… Continue reading Is spring finally here?!?


Feeling mighty in yellow

This was yesterday's outfit - sorry for the delay, didn't know blogging is so much work!! I have so many other outfits to post, I just haven't had the time to get to it. I thought I should post this outfit ASAP. I finally got to rock my new mustard pumps from Aldo, as you… Continue reading Feeling mighty in yellow


Lee Restaurant

I'm not a food expert, however I love food and love to eat it. I went to Lee Restaurant in February for a birthday celebration as requested by the celebrant and have been meaning to blog about it. The waitress that was serving us was extremely helpful, she pretty much told us what the ingredients… Continue reading Lee Restaurant


Madison’s 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest girl I know. It was my niece, Madison's 1st birthday party on Saturday and I thought I should do a little blog on her big event ... the venue ... the dress ... the shoes & the cake. The theme of her party was Winnie The Pooh. Guests were… Continue reading Madison’s 1st Birthday


Spikes & Studs

Another post on arm swag!! In case you haven't noticed, I love to accessorize!! A co-worker actually made a funny comment "You always wear a scarf and there's always some sort of bracelets you got on". . I can't help it, accessories add that WOW factor to outfits. I recently (when I say recent it… Continue reading Spikes & Studs


Aren’t we suppose to be in Spring?

Within the past month or so, I have gone from wearing a down jacket, to a spring jacket to short skirts & flip flops to no jacket at all and back to a down jacket!! I'm glad that I didn't send my jacket to the dry cleaners yet, you never know with this Canadian weather!!… Continue reading Aren’t we suppose to be in Spring?


Carnival Nationz 2012 – Empires

It's that time of year again where different bands showcase their costumes for this year's Caribana ... or should I say The Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival (I really don't know who will ever call it that). My favourite band and for whom I also model for, Carnival Nationz had their band launch on April 21… Continue reading Carnival Nationz 2012 – Empires