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Rudsak Sample Sale 2014

So it’s that time of year again … Rudsak’s sample sale! Do I really need another coat? Of course not! Do I want another coat … OF COURSE I DO! A few days before the sale, I decided to stop off at Rudsak’s new store at Square One … you know just to check it out and look who I ran into … none other than Shauna … the love of my life revamped and more gorgeous than ever. I didn’t want to put this jacket on. That’s the truth! Really! I asked the sales person how much it was and where it was in the store and of course it was the last one and I can’t justify paying for a jacket that could pay for a trip somewhere tropical where I don’t have to wear it. He asked if I wanted to try it on and I said NO THANK YOU… I knew that once I put her on, I had to take her home. As I was browsing the store, that same sales person comes back with Shauna in hand (he actually took her off the mannequin) for me to try on and I couldn’t refuse. I didn’t want to take her off … she was a little big as the jacket I tried on was a medium. I thought of asking the hubby to get the car so I can run out the store and out of the mall … but then I would be banned from the mall and that can’t happen … oh and I would probably get arrested and do time … that can’t happen either. Here she is …


The sale is on until November 16 (see details below). They’re very well organized, the racks are by size, there’s a section for footwear and accessories. I’ve got to give praise for the workers there cuz at one point there were jackets everywhere … on the floor … piles of jackets on top of racks … just everywhere and the next minute it was like it wasn’t even there … good job on keeping up with the putbacks.


After spending almost 2 hours in there …. was relieved that I only walked out with these (didn’t do much damage):


Boots: $175 (reg. $300+)
Bag: $125 (reg. $250)

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