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Awesome Finds at Marshalls

Just picked up a cute pair of Hunter Original Tour boots in raspberry this past Friday for $89.99! Now the tag says compare at $120, it should really be about $180 max according to  I really wanted the Original Back Adjustable, but those are $190 and there’s no way I’m spending that kind of money on a pair of rubber boots.  What’s awesome about the Tour boots is that the leg of the boot folds down and can wrap around the shoe for easy packing and transportation (I was wondering why there were two Hunter sacs in the box).  But am I really going to go somewhere that would require rain boots?!?


I was so super excited to find a pair of Hunters and in my size, that I only tried the display on, grabbed the box, took a quick peak to see if there’s a complete pair and headed for the cash. Got home, wanted to try my new pair of Hunters in peace.  “Why do I have TWO LEFTS?!?.”  My heart sank, “What if it sells out by the time I get there? Nah, they can’t sell it, it’d be two rights.” So I go back to Marshalls (thank God, it’s 5 minutes away) … run to grab the right foot, but there’s no right foot, it’s a left?  What is happening here? Why am I so confused?  Then I remembered, the cashier had a right foot with her because she needed a price check on the pair I bought, luckily they still had that one right foot at cash and unfortunately there’s a pair with two lefts. Crisis adverted, moral of the story is, make sure you have 1 left and 1 right for a complete pair of shoes. For someone who has worked in a shoe store, I should know better. My manager would be so ashamed of me.



I picked these up back in October and is definitely the deal of the year, actually best deal EVER in life! I only went to Marshalls because the hubby needed work boots which was located next to Marshalls.  I saw the boots from a distance and was like, “Oh another knock off.”  I got closer to the boot and it was real legit UGG boots for $179, these never go on sale … maybe 20% off. The compare at price is totally wrong, it says $300 when it should be $395.


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