Madison’s 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest girl I know. It was my niece, Madison’s 1st birthday party on Saturday and I thought I should do a little blog on her big event … the venue … the dress … the shoes & the cake. The theme of her party was Winnie The Pooh. Guests were expected to arrive at 10:30am at Riverstone Golf Club. Nothing ever goes as scheduled, Roshani and I were scheduled to get to the Golf Club for 9:15 to set up the hall with balloons, confetti and center pieces. We didn’t get there until 10:00 (we got lost)!! Pressure was definitely getting the best of us, we couldn’t get the helium tank working … needed some kind of tool to open the valve. Our knight in shining armour arrived with a tool to twist open the valve for the helium tank, we have been saved!!! We finally start with the balloons, only for Roshani to lose about 10 of them to the ceiling!! (Just kidding – love you Roshani!! Thanks so much for your help – btw she only lost 2) It was 10:20, guests started arriving – I’m thinking: WOW!! People really do arrive on time for parties!!! We got everything done by 10:45am and shortly after 11, the celebrant arrived.

The food at Riverstone Golf Club was good, it was better when we were there for Madison’s baptism reception. I don’t exactly remember what we had, but it definitely made an imprint in my head. I’d have to say their antipesto is absolutely delicious. I mostly snacked on cheese, grilled veggies and shrimp cocktail – didn’t want to fill myself because we still had soup, a main dish and dessert coming. We started with butternut squash soup – wasn’t too fond of it (i’m not really a soup person), the main was chicken, pasta, asparagus on top of a grilled tomato – everything was great except for the pasta – the pasta was overcooked (I like my pasta al dente) and was happy that the chicken breast wasn’t dry. The dessert consisted of filipino sweets – turon, leche flan, gelatin (not sure what’s it’s called in filipino) & tarts. My sister provided the filipino sweets, the golf club does not offer them. The staff at Riverstone were extremely helpful, especially Danielle (event co-ordinator), she helped us out on both our events there.

Thanks to our CAKE BOSS, Cindy for doing an absolutely awesome job on the cake. The cake was chocolate with buttercream espresso filling, it was delicious!! I myself had 2 pieces at the party, I loved the cake so much that I went to my sister’s house the next day to have some more!!!

A VERY special thanks to Naren, for helping out with the children’s games and especially for blowing up the massive 4ft clown 10 times (the children couldn’t stay away from it and decided to make it a punching bag)
To Roshani – thank you for the french vanilla and honey dip donut in the morning, you definitely know to feed me in the morning because you know HUNGRY CHIARA = CRANKY CHIARA.
To Owen – my bro, for coming on time and helping with the clean up and packing up Madison’s endless presents into 3 different vehicles.

Thanks to all who helped out prior or during the party and to all the guests that came and celebrated Madison’s big day. A final very special thank you to the parents & grandparents of the birthday girl for letting us share this special occasion with her.

Red & White striped dress- Chateau de Sable
White sparkle tights – Baby Gap
Light pink flower headband – Harrison’s
White patent shoes – Robeez

Auntie Jacqui’s outfit
Who’s Jacqui? That’s me, short for my middle name Jacqueline. It’s the J in Chiara J Plamenco.

Beige Blazer – H&M $59.50
Braided cognac belt – H&M $8.50
Yellow polka dot dress – Costa Blanca $32.50
Shoes – Nine West $120

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