Casual Fridays – Friday June 8, 2012 Edition

So Toronto is finally back to normal spring temperatures (for now) and finally get to wear this racerback denim dress. I HEART DRESSES!! This is one of the many items that I picked up from my May 2-4 shopping spree. The dress is from Gap. I actually overlooked this dress when I seen it for the first time, a couple months ago. What made me purchase this? I seen a sales lady wearing it and it looked gorgeous!! I asked her if they still had it on hand and it was!! On sale for $53.99 from $89.95, definitely a steal!! The sales lady must’ve sold that dress out because when I came out of the change room, at least 5 ladies were trying them also. The dress came with a belt, (more like a really long piece of brown string) which I ended up throwing out and used my own. The belt loops sewn onto the dress is awkwardly positioned, I didn’t bother even using them for the belt I used. I wanted the belt to be positioned at the waist (so it could give that blouson look) and not breast level (I don’t know what GAP was thinking).

This is the second time wearing the wedges pictured below, not too bad this time but I didn’t do too much walking AND I added leather insoles for extra comfort. This is my only pair of esperadilles and from what I was told they’re not the comfiest shoe just because of the material itself. Hopefully by the third wear, the shoe would finally be molded for my foot. That’s what I hate about new shoes – the pain of stretching it to fit your feet, but yet I can’t stop buying them … lol!!


Oatmeal Cardigan – Costa Blanca

Racerback denim dress – Gap $53.99 (wish I had a shot of the back to feature the racerback)

Braided belt – H&M

Wedges – Aldo $90.00

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