Deal of the week: ALDO sandals

I’ve had my eye on these sandals for quite some time now and I was actually thinking of picking them up last weekend, but I decided to wait. Well, thank goodness I did!! Picked these up today from ALDO for $27.99!! Regularly sold at $60, which is still not a bad price for leather aaannndddd leather insole!! They come in a variety of colors: coral, cognac, black, gold, teal and bone. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY COLORS CORAL & COGNAC ARE ON SALE. I couldn’t make up my mind between the 2 sale colors, so I just decided to buy both and decide later – but we all know that I’m going to end up keeping both colors.

If you are making a trip to the store to purchase them, they are priced at $39.98 not $27.99 as I mentioned. The $27.99 is their online price. I mentioned to the manager that I seen them online for cheaper and they were able to price match it for me. There’s always the option of purchasing it online, shipping is free when you spend $75 or more.

I decided to browse the U.S site of ALDO and why is it that they have one more color (white) than on the Canadian site? Isn’t ALDO a Canadian company? I am very disappointed!! I am actually on the hunt to replace my white sandals and I’m not liking anything out there!! I would actually pay full price for the white ones to these shoes.

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