Casual Fridays – Friday June 1st, 2012 Edition

It’s been a tough week, currently sick with some sort of cold, cough or flu … been trying to sleep this sickness away and it’s just not working 😦 Just when I thought I was getting better, the weather does a total 360 and feel even worse!!! I was hoping to be outfitted in a flirty skirt or dress instead of being all covered up in fall like attire!! The events of Friday was an awesome way to start the weekend – a storm & TTC problems … ooohhh yyyeeeaaahhhh!!! The rain wasn’t too bad in my area, but as soon as I got downtown – it was a storm!! The winds were crazy and the rain was just slapping you in the face.

I noticed people weren’t even using their umbrellas because it was so windy and kept flipping over. If they had a wind resistant umbrella like my brown Joseph Abboud umbrella it wouldn’t be flipping over, best $60 I ever spent. Yes I know $60 is pretty steep for an umbrella and the funny thing is , this is my second one!! I bought the first one online from Beyond The Rack for $30. What happened to the first one? The TTC happened to it, that’s what!! It was probably my second or third day working downtown and to think for someone that’s used the TTC for years that they’d know their way around. Nope not me, I ended up going the wrong way and realized 2 stops later. I was so focused on getting off the train asap that I forgot I had the umbrella with me and left it behind, by the time I realized I left it I was already half way up the staircase!! I was so in love with it that I had to buy the exact same one. Luckily, I found it on for twice the price I had originally purchased it for.

To top off this beautiful rainy stormy day, stations Osgoode to Bloor were not in service due to a flooding at Union. I even asked to go home an hour early because of an engagement I had to attend to early in the evening. How was I suppose to get home? All the street cars would be packed, how far would I have to walk to get to a station that was in service … it’d probably take 3 or so hours to get home … should I just cab it … OMG … Why me … WWWWhhhyyyy? I’d be wasting that hour I requested to get off early on the attempts of finding a way out of downtown and end up getting home at my usual time. Thank God for a dear friend that works nearby and offered to drive me to Kipling station, I don’t know how the commute was for the folks that take the TTC home that evening but I was forever grateful to my friend.

Brown umbrella: – Joseph Abboud $60

Off White Cardi – Banana Republic $79.99 (got an extra 40% off – in store promo. Was one of the items bought May 24 weekend)

Rust one pocket tank – Costa Blanca $19.50

Skinny legging Jean – James Jeans – Twiggy in NIght Clean $99.99 (purchased from Winners, I know I have praised these jeans before … they are most comfy jeans ever!!)

Leaf Necklace – Aldo

Brown boots – Browns $160 (regular $300!! Definitely a steal … wish I bought them in all the colours (grey&black) available like my coworker did … lol!!)

Thought I’d throw the picture below in, it’s me trying to be Mary Poppins to see if I can fly with my umbrella like her … actually it’s just me being goofy.

2 thoughts on “Casual Fridays – Friday June 1st, 2012 Edition”

  1. Love the post. Hope u get better soon. I heard chicken wings from mandarin can cure anything haha. Love the outfit

    1. Thanks for the comment, I don’t know where you heard that chicken wings can cure anything – it sounds ridiculous ….lol!!! Also thank you for your photography skills … it’s somewhat improving 😛

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