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Staff Day – Friday June 22, 2012

Since Friday was a staff day, I couldn’t name the title of this post Casual Friday. The office was closed due to the annual Staff Day. The ladies of the office were treated to a mani/pedi & light snack at Elmwood Spa and then a BBQ at the President’s home. The ladies started the day off with water therapy – made use of the salt water pool and whirpool. We were then off to get our nails did. I wasn’t too impressed with the mani/pedi, more so of the pedi. Maybe I was a little too sensitive, but felt the lady was a little rough with my toes. She even asked when the last time I had a pedicure done, was that insult?!? I really didn’t know how to answer that question … thought it was quite bold of her … hahaha. It must have been a few weeks since my last pedi, the weather has been great so it’s been open toe shoes/sandals for quite some time now. For our light snack, we had the option of selecting a smoothie and wrap from their menu. I ordered a blueberry & mint smoothie and a grilled chicken wrap. I’m not really a fan of smoothies, but the grilled chicken wrap was great!! I’ve been to the 100 Fountain Spa located at the Pillar and Post on Niagara on The lake which is named as Canada’s #1 Spa (from what I’ve been told), so my expectations were a little high from Elmwood Spa. But the thing about 100 Fountain Spa is that their nail polish is VEGAN!!! No chemicals in it whatsoever, which meant that it took wwaaaayyy longer than regular polish to dry. I didn’t get use of their 3 pools – an outdoor pool, saltwater pool and a natural springs pool … yeah I was definitely peeved about not being able to take advantage of their water therapies.

The dress below was purchased last year from H&M for $19.95!!! Definitely, the DEAL OF THE YEAR!!! A co-worker had shown it me and a few others some time in late February. About 4 of us made a trip to Yorkdale specifically for that dress … in a SNOW STORM. A trip well worth it!!!


The photo below was taken when I went to see Cirque Du Soleil – Totem last September. Just in case you were wondering why I’m so tanned compared to the above photos.


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